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Carpet Cleaning

Palmer & Palmer Cleaning Dry Cleaning Method is different than any other carpet cleaningprofessional carpet cleaning service los angeles method in the industry because it gets the deep down dirt without soaking, shrinking, mildewing, warping, molding or leaving any sticky residue afterward… GUARANTEED.

Carpet cleaned with the Palmer & Palmer Cleaning System uses a Dry Shampoo Extraction method without using unnecessary gallons and gallons of water. The Palmer & Palmer Cleaning Method makes the carpet stay cleaner longer and dries within 1-2 hours! A safe and thorough system with a history of more than 13 years of cleaning the world’s finest Homes, Offices, Hotels, Universities and Government Buildings.

Experience the transformation of your vehicle's appearance with Palmer Cleaning's meticulous detailing services.
Only Palmer & Palmer Cleaning Service’s carpet extraction system applies a dirt emulsifying dry shampoo and brushes it thoroughly into the carpet. This simultaneous operation is an important benefit and only Palmer & Palmer Cleaning Service’s low moisture soil extraction system has this feature. Because low moisture is used, your carpet is ready to use in a few short hours. And there is no risk of dry-rot, browning, mildew, shrinkage or even the risk of carpet buckling. Remember, Palmer & Palmer Cleaning Service’s cleaning method is way better and safer to use on your carpets which is one of the most expensive investments in your home, so why risk it!?